Campaigns & Events

  • Annual national fundraising day, held each year at the end of February, during which venues organise a 24-hour fundraising event to raise money to help meet the needs of people who have missed out in the local community on being connected to leisure.
  • Annual inspirational breakfast held in November that is designed to bring together key groups to celebrate work being done to support those who have been missing out to be connected to leisure, and raise funds from corporate groups and donors.
  • Staff giving, where during the month of June staff pledge one hour of salary to be used to support local projects in the community they live and work.
  • Corporate fundraising, to occur throughout the year with donations and grant allocations to help create improvements through national projects designed to make sustained improvements in access and inclusion to leisure among those who have been missing out.
  • Grants, occurring throughout the year, whereby requests for funds to support specific projects aligned with the purpose of the foundation can be undertaken to address areas of need in relation to inclusion and access to leisure.
  • Local fundraising, occurring throughout the year, which will take many forms depending on local opportunities, and give staff and the community to pitch in an help those in need get help to connect to leisure.