Our Purpose


Connecting the community to sports, leisure, recreation and fitness is our mission, and passion.

Even though we have done a lot, we want to do more, as no one should be missing out on sports, leisure, recreation and fitness. We want to create greater access to sports, leisure, recreation and fitness for every person in Australia.

That’s why the Belgravia Foundation has been created.

Importantly, every dollar raised in the local communities we work with will be used in that community. 100%. All of it!

We value partnership, and we will work with the community to help those in need.  We invite you to join us to do all we can to make sure no one misses out on being connected to sports, leisure, recreation and fitness.

Being part of the community through sport at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre, South Australia.

Being part of the community through sport at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre, South Australia.


Belgravia Foundation is a registered charity created to reduce barriers to participation in sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation and health programs, with a focus of its work in the catchment areas where the Belgravia Group operates in Australia.

Belgravia Health and Leisure Group manages sports, aquatics, fitness, recreation, health and leisure facilities, as well as Genesis Fitness health clubs, Coaching Zone fitness centres, Ninja Parc indoor activity zones and Wellness spa retreats.


What does this mean?

Examples include

  • Children and teens with autism who have missed out on swimming lessons because of cost, will get help.

  • Adults who live with mental illness who need support to join a health club, will get help.

  • Carers who typically put others before themselves, will get help to join an exercise group, receive a massage or relax in a spa and experience a little ‘me’ time.

  • People with early onset dementia wanting to improve strength, mobility and independence, will get help.

To raise money toward these causes the Belgravia Foundation will fundraise through donations, events, member and staff contributions and grants.  We will also seek and nurture philanthropic relationships with our corporate partners.

Raise locally, spend locally

Importantly, the Belgravia Foundation will work to ‘raise locally, spend locally’. Our client partners can be confident that local efforts to raise money will go towards helping their local community, even in the event we no longer operate their venues.

In addition, national projects funded by donations, corporate partnerships and grants will be scoped to support the Belgravia Foundation and its purpose.