FLURO Splash raises funds for the Belgravia Foundation

Over eighty participants walked, ran, jogged and raced their friends around the interactive course, starting off dressed in white and ending up wearing very creative fluorescent outfits. Racers could complete as many laps as they could manage of the one-kilometre course while being pelted with a rainbow of fluorescent powder. 

The event, open to everyone from preschool age right through to adults, had options to promote inclusion and suit everyone throughout the course. 

FLURO Splash at the Moss Vale Show

FLURO Splash at the Moss Vale Show

MV Show Society’s Board congratulated MVWMAC for planning and running the Show’s very first 'FLURO Splash' event. “The event was a huge success with lots of families already asking if it will be on again next year. It was a great opportunity to finally have a community lead-in event on the Friday evening of the Show where families could come and get involved and support our local show.

“We are very grateful for the planning done by the Aquatic Centre. Without you this event would not have been possible."

A five dollar cash donation was paid by each participant resulting in $500 being raised for the Belgravia Foundation. Importantly, all of the money raised will be turned back into helping those in need in the Moss Vale community to get involved in health activities.

MVWMAC Centre Manager, Gareth Horner said he couldn’t be prouder of the staff for raising funds for the Foundation.

“The FLURO Splash event showcased how committed our staff and centre are to creating new opportunities for those who can benefit from a helping hand. It's typical of the Moss Vale community; people really look out for others in need.”

“The staff all had a ball on the evening and are excited do it again and to host similar events in our community”, Mr Horner said.

Event organiser, MVWMAC’s Inclusion Coordinator Lana Robson said, “The response from the community was just fantastic. Many people have congratulated us and are genuinely thankful that we have reached out to help out the community. It's given me even more confidence about what we can do to help connect leisure to those in the community who would benefit but need a little help to get involved."

FLURO Splash participant, Darcy Peters said, "We had so much fun - my son ran 12 laps of the course!!! He could not get enough. The staff were so fun and engaging and encouraged everyone to get involved which was great to see.”

“We will definitely be back next year if it is on again", Mr Peters said.