Australian Kurdish Group - breaking down barriers

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Earlier this year WaterMarc and the Belgravia Foundation were approached by an amazing group of women from the Australian Kurdish Group. These women wanted to overcome their fears of water and learn how to swim in a safe and welcoming community setting.  These women had little to no water experience in the past and have many barriers to participation including; age, lack of support from family, financial restraints, traditions and cultural beliefs.

However, they were determined to overcome these barriers to achieve something for themselves.  They want their children to be proud of them and they want the freedom to attend family activities at the beach feeling safe and confident. Together WaterMarc and the Belgravia Foundation were able to support their goal and arranged for the group to complete swim lessons.

Over the last few months these women, as a group, have participated in a swim lesson every week to improve their water skills. Julie, their swim teacher, has guided them through safety skills, water confidence and swimming strokes. Julie has watched some of the women progress from the Learn to Swim pool to the 50M pool in only a couple of months. WaterMarc and the Belgravia Foundation are proud to follow their journey and we hope their summer is filled with many family beach days.
On behalf of all the ladies in the Australian Kurdish Group, thank you for the wonderful support you give us. The ladies are very happy with the facilities, centre and the nice attitude of the members. The trainers are really good and supportive.” Khalida, Australian Kurdish Group Leader.

Emma Lowe